Thursday, June 20, 2013

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire

I have been wanting to go to Twist for over a year. The restaurant is located within the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This boutique hotel is unlike anything I have seen on the strip. I understand that each property is supposed to make you feel special and as if you were truly a VIP, but nothing makes you feel more like a VIP than free shit. When I went to the bathroom I stocked up on freebies like a homeless person. Ok, it’s not just the free stuff that makes this place incredible. The restaurants are breathtaking and there are small design elements through out the place that just make you stand in awe.

There is a long corridor that you walk through in order to enter Twist. This corridor makes you feel like you are traveling down the yellow brick road, and once you get there something very special awaits. We were seated at a window seat, and had we not been, I would have been swooning over the lucky bastards sitting next to us all night.. so thank goodness, window seat is obviously key. When we sat down there was a gorgeous “charger” plate waiting for each of us. I am not sure if that’s what it would be called. I have a photo of it below. This crackle white porcelain theme was splashed through the restaurant. It made me think of historical white clay, smashed and reworked for today’s generation.  

We were brought a regular menu, we requested the vegan-tasting menu and they were certainly more than happy to oblige. They delivered our drink menu by form of an iPad. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this, Jose Andres’ Jaleo in the Cosmopolitan, Botero at the Encore, as well as Gordon Ramsey Steak in the Paris also serve you up by iPad. Even though it’s not new to me, it continues to be super cool. Who wants to read about a cocktail without seeing how fantastic it’s going to be first. I don’t know what drink I ordered, but it had bourbon in it, and it made everything in my tummy that much warmer.

The breads where stunning. They kept them coming through out the meal, and it’s so difficult to say no, when everything is so fresh. It was awkward asking for a vegan menu and still being served items like butter… and special chef tastings that where cream ridden. I have to say, we didn’t receive an amuse-bouche, instead it felt like their was a carnival placed all over our table. I mean that in a good way. The food was vibrant in color, popping in texture, and all in all an exercise for both our minds and our stomachs. I think we were a bit spoiled by the chef’s offerings. Once our real food came, it seemed like there was something missing. There were seven courses, and most likely for normal eaters this would have seemed like an overwhelming amount of food. I am not normal. My favorite of the mini meals was the Carrot Fondant, which was a raspberry and beet reduction, spinach salad and crunchy turnips. I don’t have the faintest idea how, but those beets tasted like hot fudge. I wanted more, I needed to have three plates of those beets.  Course after course, I was enjoying the very obvious international fusion behind each dish. I am often weary of mixing too many cultures in one plate but this seemed more like mixing cultures through each course layer, which I enjoyed more. The dessert was an eloquent mix of fresh sorbets. I loved it. It was refreshing and was such a great way to clean your palette.

Twist was truly an adventure for the senses. Each course was plated to perfection, and beneath the food, was the surprise of a newly shaped dish that was very specific to accommodate your course. As you taste the decadence you can’t help but to stare of into the gorgeous d├ęcor of the entire restaurant ceiling to floor. Next time you are in Vegas, don’t forget about Twist.

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