Friday, January 18, 2013

Taki's Greek Kitchen - A Journey in Modern Greek Cuisine

Being of Greek decent means that you inherently love the food. So I apologize if there are an overwhelming amount of Greek spots reviewed past and future... but there is no way around it!

Taki's kitchen is a fairly new restaurant and already proving to be a top spot for the west siders of Cleveland having the direction of a very seasoned restaurateur & chef, Peter "Taki" Diamantis. Taki is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and has enlisted Josh Smith as his chef de cuisine. Taki has created a menu and environment of clean updated modern Greek. This restaurant has a full bar and and a vast assortment of appetizers and meals which take my mind and tummy to a beautiful evening in an Athenian Taverna.

I have to begin with the apps. I really enjoy that guests are served with warm pita/bread and a flavored dip just after being seated. Each time you dine at Taki's the dip might actually surprise you! A fun thing about Greek Restaurants is that you can order several appetizers in lieu of a meal. This is certainly a great place to do that. You could try small plates with a bottle of wine and be completely satisfied. For the sake of the blog.. not for the sake of my ever expanding waistline.. I was sure to sample a bit of everything. I can assure you that everything was fantastic.

My favorite eats that require mention had to be the mousaka, village salad, and the saganaki! the mousaka is served in individual portions. That's the first thing I fell in love with. Maybe its my inner 4 year old screaming out, but I like to have my own bowl, with my own food... that was NEVER a part of anyone else's! The interesting part about this mousaka is that it is a play on sweet & savory with its black currants.. a complete shock to my very traditional Greek pallet - which I loved.

The Dakos Salad was served just how I wanted it. Greeks love their bread, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a bed of veggies hugging some olive oil loved "toast". Thank you Taki. Good job there.

Lastly, I have to mention the saganaki. I am a huge fan of simple, good ingredients, served in a way that doesn't disturb its true character. this saganaki is perfection. I could have had three.

Definitely place Taki's on your date night list, or even your family night list. It's a wonderful restaurant to kick back, enjoy the fire place, and eat some really scrumptious Greek cuisine.
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