Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Steve & Rocky's

Two foodies at at Steve & Rocky's this evening. I have to say this entire experience was a bit of a surprise. Steve & Rocky's is off Novi, but its a little bit hidden, and if you don't venture in your missing out on a pretty great local gem. There is live piano music and a very upscale vibe that emit throughout the whole place. They make EVERYTHING from scratch, from the dressings to the soups. They have a nice variety of food, but primarily I would classify them as having a larger variety of seafood.
I began my meal with a bowl of butternut squash soup. It was steaming hot, thickly pureed, sweet butternut squash with a drop of sour cream and finely chopped almonds. It was almost like eating dessert for dinner, but I think that squash is the best thing about winter time... so no complaints here!   

I also ordered a spinach salad. Never have I ever wanted to eat a warm salad, but this was outstanding. The warmth of the salad really allowed you to savor your greens. Upon the salad were sweet potato, bacon, caramelized onions and pecans. The heavy ingredients of the salad meshed perfectly with the homemade, light in texture, raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

My foody accompanist enjoyed the Maple Cured Pork Chop which came with
sauerkraut and local made sausage, natural sauce, and scalloped potatoes. Don't worry this plate didn't stay full for too long. The pork chop was much larger than the usual single pork chop meal. It was juicy and you could really taste the maple sear and flavor throughout the entire chop.  

For my main course I did something a bit unorthodox and ordered an appetizer. I knew I would be full after both a soup and salad so I went for the Beef Tenderloin Tips Sauté with smoked gouda mashed potatoes. This was one of the better choices I have made in some time. The gouda mashed potatoes were more than and A+. The light onion crisps were a great crunch in the dish, and the beef tenderloin was really excellent, no fat, just petite strips of meaty goodness. I do wish I had asked for it to be cooked medium, but because the server didn't ask, and to think of it- it might not be an option, the meat was served medium well. Even still, these bits of pork with mash were a home run.

Steve & Rocky's is the perfect balance of date night, meets accomplished chefs, meets comfort style American cooking. Can't wait to go back!

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