Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Hudson Cafe

2 foodies ate on a Saturday afternoon at The Hudson Cafe. From the outside the building is stunning. The sign lets you know that you will be walking into a very modern clean line establishment. The Hudson Cafe is named for the old J.L. Hudson building that once stood across the street. They serve breakfast and lunch exclusively.

Upon entering two members of the wait staff greeted us and held open the door. I was in pure amazement by the decor that surrounded us. To the left was a quaint cafe bar with chalkboards and upscale coffee's to feed your pallet. Its clear that you are in a true cafe environment.

My foodie friend and I tried to sample as much as we could fit in our bellies. We had a difficult time deciding which innovative twist on breakfast we wanted to sample.  We began with Pecan Banana pancakes. I requested a half order. I loved that these were truly savory. I was afraid that the pecans would be candied, but to my delight they were pure and simple salty pecans. The balanced beautifully with the fluffy pancake, bananas, and sprinkled powdered sugar.

Before the pancakes arrived I was excited that our waiter brought over hot syrup. I can't remember the last time I was anywhere but my own kitchen that I was able to savor steaming hot syrup.

My foodie accomplice ordered the voodoo eggs benedict with cheesy grits as a side. He also ordered a side of corned beef hash (I told you we ate A LOT). The voodoo is made with house-made corn cake, chorizo, cheddar, and ranchero sauce. This particular eggs benedict creation is mesmerizing. It makes me want to sop ranchero sauce on most everything. The corn cake is a refreshing change up, the chorizo is smoky and a great compliment in consistency to broken eggs. This eggs benedict is the perfect marriage of Mexican and English cuisine with a Detroit twist.


The cheesy grits were a nice creamy consistency. They were served warm with cheese nestled atop of the cup. The corned beef hash was my accomplices' favorite. I have never been a fan of corned beef so I was sure that I wouldn't enjoy it. It was 3/4 corned beef to a quarter hash.  There was a nice crisp to the potato with finely chopped scallions in the mix. If your a corned beef fan, this is your side!

I ordered the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict and house made potatoes. The eggs and pulled pork were accompanied by a corn cake and hoisin sauce. The eggs were so stunning that they looked like a a pile of whipped cream. the hoisin was a really interesting twist to the dish. I would have expected a simple barbecue. The hoisin adds a bitter and sweet taste to the pork and eggs. The potatoes where hot, crispy and nicely seasoned. I enjoyed that they didn't taste like a salt bomb.

And for our "dessert" of course we had to go for the Red Velvet Pancakes. they are drizzled with a cream cheese topping and cocoa powder. These guys look as good as they taste. I love that when you cut into them you get a bit more cream cheese and the cake batter is an intensely bright red. I ate half of them at the cafe, and took the other half home for breakfast the next day.

At the Hudson Cafe you will enjoy the clean decor,  the very attentive staff, and the inventive and flavorful eats. Detroit needs more culinary giants to line its streets!

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