Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Buddy's Pizza: Detroit's #1 Square Pizza Since 1946

2 foodies ate at Buddy's Pizza in Livonia last evening and LOVED every second of it. 

Buddy's Pizza began in Detroit, MI at the corner of Conant & 6 mile. I have been going to the Livonia location since I was a tiny thing. I can remember falling in love with their antipasto salad. I have no idea why a 4 year old would think lunch meat and lettuce is magical, but to this day with their homemade dressings, I continue to hold the same opinion.The portion shown below is an individual serving, which clearly needs at least two months to conquer.

As an appetizer we ordered the fried ravioli. It was sitting in a kiddie pool of hot marinara and cheese. You can't really go wrong when dipping anything fried in a pool of marinara and cheese. I didn't think the innards of the ravioli where very memorable, but I think the meat was just enough. Fried ravioli should probably be more about the fried pasta than the innards any how.  Would order again and again.

As the main event I chose the Hawaiian Pizza. The Hawaiian has pineapple, cheese, ham and buddy's BBQ sauce. My all time favorite thing about this pizza is that there is no real crust to leave to the side. They do their best to cover every morsel of that dough with toppings. This particular pizza contains the perfect ratio of sweet to savory. On the sweet you have the sauce and pineapple. On the savory you have the ham and the crust. My second favorite detail about Buddy's is that the very edges of your pizza are always just a tiny bit burnt! I'm not a fan of burnt toast, but that slight charred taste against your slice is absolutely perfect.

I would recommend Buddy's to anyone, its especially great with kids because they can be laud and messy without even a glance. In my opinion, as far as traditional pizza goes, Buddy's is the spot.

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