Monday, November 21, 2011


Ordinarily I allow myself a bit of brewing time before I review a restaurant. I feel that I should have a bit of time to breath and really think about the experience before I say what a fabulous or not so fabulous time I might have had. Not this time, I'm fired up.

MOKO is a restaurant that is about 4 doors down from my work, its situated next door to the Chinese-Greek spot, and is inside of the Buckley Building. A few weeks ago I went to MOKO for the first time and ordered a roasted eggplant sandwich. When I got to work I realized that there was no eggplant in my eggplant sandwich. I was annoyed, but very busy so I decided to just swallow down my bread and roasted peppers... The next day I went back mostly to tell them that there was no eggplant in my eggplant sandwich. The girl at the counter was making excuses about how I must have gotten the wrong order. The man behind her nterjected that I got the right order, there just wasn't any eggplant yesterday. I asked them, " Wouldn't it have been a good idea to inform the customer when they order an eggplant sandwich, that there is no eggplant in house?" No response.  And then... like an idiot I made the mistake of ordering a soup instead of making a statement and walking out of there.

Well I am making my statement NOW.

Today I went for lunch... I know, I know, I shouldn't have gone at all, but its convenient, and I am in to giving second and third chances - apparently. I ordered a Carolina BBQ sandwich....

It's not hard to see that there is NO Carolina BBQ on this sandwich. I even asked the man behind the counter before taking it if it had a lot of sauce, because I like sauce on my pulled pork.. He responded that there was plenty of dressing on the sandwich." RUDE.

The pork was bland with absolutely no taste, the coleslaw on top was the only wet thing I tasted but make no mistake it was just plain old.. fancy me not coleslaw.. and as for the Carolina BBQ... I suppose they just didn't have any in shop today! AND THEN... I grab my soup out of my box... and i feel a very cold sensation. You have to realize MOKO is literally a two minute walk from my office, I didn't take a car or a plane anywhere... there was no excuse for my soup to be cold, not warm, cold.

Owning a Dairy Queen I am very sensitive to complaints, I have been the person on the receiving end when someone says, " I bought an ice cream cake from your store, drove up north, and it melted." As an owner you have to actually apologize for the stupidity of your patron, but in this case give me a break MOKO in the past few weeks you have given me two sandwiches that lacked their main ingredient and a cold cup of soup. Which is a damn shame, because the only good thing about MOKO is the taste of their soup when its at the right temperature.

I am officially boycotting.

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