Friday, November 18, 2011

Lolita, Lolita I Love to Eat Ya

A restaurant that has been on my wish list for months! When I make a restaurant wish list I am almost always disappointed,  but NOT this time.

This time at Michael Symon's Lolita in Tremont the food was as decadent as the decor -- and the service was a 10. 

I had made a reservation several days in advance because in the past when I have called day of there were only openings for 5 PM or 9:30PM. When I saw what a nook size place it was I understood why it was a bit difficult to just walk in. The restaurant was split into small sections that separately are very appealing to the eye and together extraordinary. Each had different sconces and alternating textures in white decor.

4 foodies dined this evening.

To begin we ordered cocktails. I chose the Thyme Collins - house-infused thyme gin, lemon, earl grey. I will be honest if you like thyme... this is a seriously spiced up drink. Often I try something infused with basil or mint, but thyme really takes over, and was a good surprise for my tastebuds.

For my meal i chose a daily special of walleye. This fish was lightly dusted with chopped pistaccio. The sear was so incrediby perfect that you truly were able to bite into a crispier exterior with a soft interior. Lastly, I will say that the acidity was perfect with a subtle orange taste.  For my side I had the Soft Polenta with mascarpone and parmesan. Come on, polenta with mascarpone? of course I had to try it. Some might think this side is a bit too bold to be a side, but I'm not one to think that sides should just be boring sub components. My husband took a bite of my polenta in between each bite of his own meal! I would be remised if I didn't mention how much I enjoyed that the polenta was served in a mini pot. This container made sure that my polenta stayed hot, creamy, and cheesy the whole time it was on the table... who am I kidding? It probably only lasted about 4 minutes.

My hubby ate the duck confit. The duck was spectacular. Its an odd day when what your eating is mouth watering and you actually consider that the person next to you might be eating something even more spectacular.

Now when I'm asked what my favorite restaurants in Cleveland are Lolita is at the top of the list. 

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