Sunday, October 23, 2011

Not Sweet at all @ Sweet Melissa

My husband Dean and I always go out to eat after church... It's kind of our reward for waking up on a Sunday morning, not that Jesus isn't reward enough... but you get the point.

On this particular Sunday Dean wanted to go for the Cheesecake Factory brunch, but for the sake of the blog I always make sure we try somewhere new. Sweet Melissa is a hopping restaurant in Rocky River, OH. When we walked in this place was buzzing... The colors were bright, the tables were full, and the desert display looked like it was dripping with honey (that's a good thing).

We were sat after only a few minutes of having our name on a list. PLUS.
Coffee arrived on the table withing 6 minutes... in a big cup with a small fruit cup and mini scone.. Even bigger PLUS and she took our food order at the same time.. 

I fell in love when I read this blurb on the bottom left of the menu:

"Simply stated we are all about the best possible food. We us the absolute freshest healthiest ingredients we can find. We shop organic when we can and we shop local when e can. This means there are no antibiotics or hormones in our meat or poultry. It also means that our milk is always organic and our eggs are farm fresh, brown eggs."

After ordering and HIGH expectations.. our waitress never came back again.

Other wait staff delivered our sub par food, that big cup of coffee was never re-filled, AND Dean was never able to order an additional side of sweet potato fries for his sandwich-  because there was absolutely no opportunity. After about 30 minutes we were able to get another waitress to find our VERY lost waitress to fill our coffee... 

The coffee was great, what little I had. The small scone with fruit was a very delightful treat. I really enjoyed that in a restaurant named, "SWEET" Melissa, we were able to get a small sweet right away. What did annoy me was that other more efficient waitstaff gave one per customer, and our lazy excuse for a waitress only gave us one.......DON'T YOU DARE DEPRIVE ME OF THE FREE FOOD I AM SUPPOSED TO BE EATING...

I had the great misfortune of ordering Sonia's Bagel, grilled salmon, fried eggs, cheddar, tomatoes, capers, goat cheese, and avocado.  This combination intrigued me. I had to dive into anything that had gooey eggs, goat cheese and avocado... some of my favorite things. I kept biting and biting to see if I was imagining how bad the combination was.... Lesson: Do not eat avocado and goat cheese in the same bite. LESSON LEARNED... I wish the eggs weren't fried, but over easy. I wish the avocado had less of a paste presence, or maybe no presence at all. I wish the salmon had been seasoned, I wish the bagel was not plain... I wish this had been a good brunch. The brunch potatoes... all three of them that were served alongside my bagel were fricken great... if only I just ordered my free mini scone and brunch potatoes.. I would have been in buisness.  If I had added a pistachio cannoli from the display case I would have really been in business.

If not for a sweet I highly doubt I will be rushing back to Sweet Melissa's any time soon. Sorry Melissa.

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