Monday, September 26, 2011

Twin Brothers in Nassau, Bahamas

Twin Brothers or as my husband so affectionately calls them "skata brothers" (shit brothers) was an epic disappointment. My expectations of this restaurant were off the charts. They advertise like no other restaurant in the area, and they were actually featured in Top Chef All Stars. In this episode the contestants had to cook in the Twin Brother's kitchen for the King of the Junkanoo... being a very avid Top Chef fan I HAD to see this place for myself.

Our cabby warned us that we were about to eat the worst food imaginable. We ignored his warning, because he had heard that the cabbys are paid by local restaurant owners to bring tourists to their spot. This was one of those instances that we should have paid attention to what the cabby was saying. He was spot on.

2 foodies ate lunch today.

First, as an appetizer we ate their conch fritters. These fritters didn't feel fried.... they felt like a soggy biscuit. There was very little trace of conch in the fritters, and they weren't even close to worth the calories!

We also at a fried grouper fingers appetizer. The Bahamas makes you fall in love with grouper. I wanted to order this fish at every restaurant we went to, and I would say that it was close to amazing each and every time. The grouper always has the green Caribbean spice I mentioned in the last post.

For my meal.... I SPLURGED!.... I ordered lobster tail with plantains, Peas and Rice, and mac & cheese.

What a total disappointment... I wish I could have given that little guy back his life. This lobster tail was so rubbery, I was eating a tire. After about two bites... I called it quits. Across from me another patron ordered a Fried Lobster Tail, and it appeared to easily fall out of the shell... lucky guy.

The sides were ok... I'm not sure I love plantains, but technically I can't find any fault with them.

The peas and rice was a must eat, because If a dish is authentic to the country I am in, I will eat it. I could be allergic. I would still eat it. The peas and rice weren't a home run. And most importantly they weren't a recipe I would ever take back with me. They were very dry and sticky and had the consistency of many Spanish rice recipes, without the taste!

The mac and cheese was very lasagna-esc. It wasn't gushing with cheese like I would have liked, but the flavors were there - the spice was a great addition to some plain mac and cheese.

The absolute hands down, home run, out of the park, BEST item we ingested at this very sub par restaurant was the Miami Vice Daiquiri. A Miami Vice for those of you who aren't avid boozers is a piƱa colada / strawberry daiquiri mix. They are great by the pool, and even better at Twin Brothers.

For more information about this Franchise and a peek at their menu: