Monday, August 8, 2011

Heck's Cafe... What the Heck?

I am really not one to food bash, but the cold hard truth is that 6 people dined at Heck's on Saturday night... and not one of us foodies was truly satisfied.

Heck's Cafe is actually a restaurant that I have dined at in the past, and have really enjoyed.. However, this visit proved to be such, that I will not be going back. We had a 9 pm reservation, which on a Saturday night might be a bit late, but I wouldn't say late enough so that you are the only one in the dining area...

We ordered 2 appetizers: Artichoke Hearts alouette... stuffed with herbed cheese, lightly breaded and fried, an appetizer I have eaten in the past at Heck's and died over. This time it was really tastless, I couldn't even tell that there was an "herbed" cheese in the middle and instead tried masking the taste of the blah artichoke with the mayonnaise side dip it was served with. The second appetizer was on the specials menu. We ordered eggplant fries. Eggplant fries are a guilty pleasure of mine. I love thinking I'm eating something healthy, and yet I know its been soaked in oil... mmmm... BUT.. not this time, the special did not prove to be very special at all. The fries were hardly eaten by anyone at the table. The fried exterior was so thick and rubbery that you couldn't taste much of the eggplant at all.

For my main course I ordered the Pecan Chicken... Grilled and pecan-maple glazed topped with toasted pecans. Served with sweet mashed potatoes and asparagus. The presentation of this meal was very nice. They offered a steak knife to cut my chicken. The taste however was nothing to run home and tell your momma about. The chicken was a decent size portion, but it wasn't particularly juicy...almost as if the breading on the outside had dried it out. The sweet potato was anything but sweet. I don't know about you, but when I eat sweet potato... I either want it with butter or brown sugar.. or some combination of both! I won't lie... I ate almost my whole plate, because I was starving... but It really wasn't worth the calories.

There were two redeeming qualities of this entire meal. The salad & the cocktail. The salad was really beautiful and rich for a house salad. It included walnuts, blue cheese, dried cherries, and red onions over some field greens. I asked for the ginger dressing and it was incredible. The salad, which is usually one of my least favorite courses... was by far the best.   The cocktail I ordered was I believe, and don't quote me on the name" Ohio City Cherry Cheesecake Martini". All I know is it had 3 olives cherry vodka and some sort of chocolate liquor.... It was STRONG... and TASTY!

Two other atmospheric issues contributed to why most of this review is mostly negative. While I realize that the restaurant officially closes at 10 PM, I don't see any reason for a table that begins dining at 9 should have to be irritated by bright lights turning on at 10:15 PM. More Lights at 10:30 PM. Isn't it understood that even though the restaurant isn't going to take new patrons after 10 PM, that they would at least respect the only patrons they have. Our bill was close to $300.... and they basically waived us out as if we were loitering.

When the bill arrived at the table, each couple threw down a credit card and asked the waitress to divide the bill into three equal parts. She walked back very frustrated about 10 minutes later.. and explained to us that she had put a double charge on one check, so If we could figure out how to pay the person who got stiffed with 2/3 of the bill that would be great. Luckily, we were able to manage this inconvenience.... but I could not understand how this waitress could actually come to the table and let us know that we just needed to figure out her mistake. If they hadn't been in such a rush to purge us from our seats perhaps she could have resolved the issue? Heck's Cafe again? Heck NO.

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