Tuesday, August 30, 2011

blog appetite!

When I landed a job with the United Way as a Loaned Executive I thought two very separate and equally important thoughts; 1. This opens up a whole new territory for my food blogging. 2. Now I can finally save the children... 

Today 1 foodie ate at Cafe Bon Appetite at 1900 Euclid Ave, Cleveland.

First off, I will say that the atmosphere of this hopping lunch joint instantly pulls you in. There is an energetic and friendly staff, and it is a joy to watch them prepare your meal in front of your eyes. I always appreciate when there are specials on a display board outside... I don't like to walk in and then make my dining decision. 

There menu spans from a colorful selection of fairly priced coffee and teas to crepes, to baked sandwiches, and hand crafted wraps. 

These are not you ordinary bland wraps. They are packed with intensely fresh ingredients, and a portion size that puts most "burrito" style wraps to shame. 

I ordered the smoked salmon wrap. The smoked salmon really came through in every bite. It was dressed with mixed greens- which really tasted like hearty spinach, a house mayonnaise, cream cheese, parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, and lemon juice. In a nutshell, I will say that usually when I order a sandwich or wrap there are ingredients in the menu that I don't feel made it to my plate... at bon appetite this is not the case. I could taste each item separately and together they made the perfect wrap. I would be happy going back each and every day to try something new. 

I love that many of the wraps are inspired by different counties and are simply and easily named, "Greece, France, Italy, Spain"... and so on. 

Simply, Bon Appetit is the kind of cafe that every community needs- fresh, clean ingredients, and a variety that keeps you coming back for more. 

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