Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weia Teia, Wild Mango, and other Pacific Adventures

On Oberlin's Main St. you will find hidden a very interesting dining spot to say the least. The ceiling is embellished with gorgeous glass art, and the booths are covered in a velvet cloth which makes you feel that you dining experience is going to be expensive.... and yet.... it is not. My bill today came to $7.48 including tax!

Some describe this food as Asian Fusion, but Jia Wei, the owner of both Weia Teia and its sister restaurant Wild Mango in Great Northern Mall, North Olmsted, OH says the term only leads to “Asian confusion.” He prefers to think of them as “multi-culturally influenced cuisine with an eclectic twist.” Personally I don't know how multicultural this cuisine is... in most cases it holds true to that the plates in my opinion are Asian inspired... with perhaps a Mediterranean or American idea mixed in. What else could Asian Fusion be?

1 solo foodie dined today

I ordered Goat cheese and garlic chive ravioli with shiitake mushroom pesto and coconut curry sauce. It was delich....the goat cheese really made the ravioli memorable. What through me off a bit was the immense amount of greens around the ravioli. Not something I am accustomed to seeing. They were good, I don't think that it tastes at all like a curry spiced dish, but for some I would bet that's a good thing. I also would have liked if there were actual pronounced shitake mushrooms in the dish... I love them, and I want more than a sliver.

Another treat at Weia Teia is that there is always a complimentary soup. I have eaten there several times.  Each time I have been served a cream broth base soup.. with some interesting green circle design to garnish. The soup in the winter is great, and the soup in the summer is okay because well this place doesn't have the biggest portions... The soup makes me a little less starved at the end of the meal. Maybe I'm just a hungry person?   

All in all, there are several vegetarian options which I appreciate, the food is interesting, and for the price it is a GREAT value. You really feel like you are having a very extravagant meal in this hidden location... and yet you can eat there on a budget. 

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