Monday, July 25, 2011

Going down the river.... THE BLACK RIVER CAFE

Oberlin, OH is a small town in nw ohio, where the students are mostly creative hippie types and the food for the most part is pretty damn good. There are vegan options a plenty, and so many $5 dollar lunch menus that you might just drive an hour for a cheap eat.

I have been taking up temporary employment at Oberlin College for the past year... Damn you downward spiraling economy.

My husband Dean works in the neighboring city, so it is our luck as newlyweds that we can actually eat lunch together almost everyday.  I am a Detroit native, and I am just getting my tongue in Cleveland.

2 foodies ate today

Dean: Pulled Pork Sandwich, Home Fries, Mr. Browns Soda
Katina (me) : Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato and Pesto sandwich on Fresh focaccia bread, mushroom soup, Mr. Browns Soda.

Dean thought that the home fries rival any other french fry or tot around, the onion squares where the perfect sweet balance to the savory potato... Even better, Dean asked for them to be well done... AND THEY WERE.... this friends is a gift in the potato world. I ask for my hash browns to be well done just about every time I have ever ordered, and yet.... they are always delivered white..... and you can't send them back, because then your eggs will turn to cold hard mush.

The pulled pork sandwich was full of cheese, peppers, and just the right amount of heat.

My soup was a great summer treat. It was so refreshing to eat a beautiful tomato broth, whose flavors were so fully developed. The soup was full of veggies, including nice big chunks of mushroom, and what appeared to be homemade croutons.... It's fair to say that I am a believer in cream soups should be reserved for the winter... and fresh veggie soups like this one, are surprisingly a great summer treat.

My mozzarella sandwich, was exactly what was described, the truth is I could make it easily at home. I was impressed by the amount of ingredients, and also the bread... the bread was something to write home about... the way the olive oil/ pesto soaked it.... finger licking good.

During the school year I know its sometimes difficult to get a table, but being the summer, we had no problem getting a table.

Another bonus was that I really liked the Mr. Browns Soda... It was an interesting change that we welcomed. This pepsi product is not a well drink, so we were only given a can each, but really no one needs more soda pop than that. 

Average meal $7
Our bill including 2 soft drinks was $17.5

Fresh, relatively fast, good eat!

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